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A Space-Saving Computing Solution

Apple’s Mac Mini computer packs a powerful punch and offers a highly affordable option, especially if you already have a great monitor. The Mini offers solid performance in a remarkable 7.7″ square enclosure (it almost disappears on your desk!).

Attach your own display, keyboard and mouse to the Mac Mini and you’re ready to go! This Mac is very popular with music and media lovers alike since it allows you to mix songs, compile files and create dynamic slide shows, as well as edit and manipulate movies. A Mac Mini also provides any home theater system a powerful boost thanks to its robust streaming capabilities.

The Mini has excellent processor and storage options while providing full desktop processing power in a small form. It also features third-generation Intel Core processors, with faster, integrated graphics, Thunderbolt and plenty of ports. It also keeps up with the processing of computers twice its size. If you need a computer with the power and speed of a top-of-the-line desktop but also portable and easy to fit just about anywhere, this is the computer for you.

Purchase your new Mac Mini right here at DC Computers. Be sure to ask about our rent-to-own plan via Acima. Pay just $70 down if you qualify, then pay the rest off in 12 months. Call for more details.

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“I needed a new computer and someone recommended DC Computers. I went to them due to stellar reviews for their customer service. They were way above and beyond what I expected. I am computer-challenged and they were so helpful, knowledgeable and patient. I highly recommend them! A special shout out to Daniel, Nico and Darien! I’m SO appreciative! Thank you!”

– Evelyn E via Yelp

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