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Have a question? We have the answer. Check out these FAQs and give us a call today for more information!

We pride ourselves on our customer service so please allow 24 hours for us to respond to your inquiry.

If you require immediate assistance please call us at 619-255-4333.

There are many good reasons to buy a used computer vs new, the most important being a much better value. For the money spent on a new computer you can get a used computer that is higher quality, more powerful, faster, more ram, larger storage, better screen, or all of these combined. Alternatively a similar computer can be purchased for much less money over the same machine – brand new.

Additionally, when purchasing though DC Computers, your money stays local, helping to support jobs and the local economy here in San Diego. Call or come by to discuss your specific needs.

Most of our computers come from short term businesses lease returns. What this means is the computers are often barely used, look brand new, and best of all offer a tremendous value vs purchasing the same machine new. All computers are thoroughly tested, cleaned and updated to ensure you get a perfectly working machine that is ready to go. Please call or come by to discuss your specific needs.

We have a revolving door of computers. We get them in and they leave just as fast. This, with the thousands of different configurations and conditions of the laptops, make it difficult for us to keep updated. Further- it’s very difficult, and often confusing to buy a computer based off the specs. Sadly, most people end up with a machine that doesn;t fit their needs or are overpaying for something. Please call or come by to discuss your specific needs.

In short, reliability. Having a computer that only works sometimes or falls apart is a big disappointment. We pride ourselves in making sure all the computers we sell are as trouble free as possible. Over the past decade we have narrowed down specific product lines that are trouble free, high quality and offer the least customer service issues.

It’s easy to fall into the bigger numbers are better game when it comes to buying a computer, but the truth is that this usually leads to getting computer that doesn’t fit your needs and ends up underperforming for its intended use. We believe that getting the ‘right’ computer is far more important than getting than getting the one with a lot of storage or a lot of ram.

Our average turn around time is 2-3 business days. We also have a ‘priority service’ where we start working on your repair right away for an extra charge. Please call or come by to discuss your specific needs.

Obviously a new computer is sealed in a box and has never been used or turned on. Once its been opened and turned on, its now used.

With a custom built computer, we can make sure all of the parts are good quality, performance, and come from reputable brands. Additionally, custom built computers are more upgradeable. This allows for adding additional components like: hard drives, ram, graphics cards and faster processors down the line as you need them. Please call or come by to discuss your specific needs.

Both are great computers but we typically recommend MacBook Pros for those who spend a lot of time on the computer, or use their computer for work. MacBook Pro’s generally have better processors, better cooling, more ram, storage, better graphics cards and are better designed for heaver use. The MacBook Air is a great home or personal computer that isn’t used heavily and used as normal everyday laptop. Please call or come by to discuss your specific needs.

Depending on your intended use the answer can vary. For most home/business use, 8GB-16GB Ram, a good quality SSD, and a somewhat current intel or AMD processor work great. For professionals doing graphic design, video editing and other graphicly intensive tasks, having a high powered graphics card is very important. Here at DC we pride ourselves on helping customers purchase the machine that perfectly fits their needs, without over buying and paying for features you will never use. Please call or come by to discuss your specific needs.

The main things that separate DC Computers from other repair shops is our extensive experience, thoroughness and customer service. Having completed 10’s of thousands of repairs, you can be sure we have the experience to CORRECTLY diagnose your computer and solve your problems. This type of knowledge and experience isn’t learned overnight, but takes years to develop and perfect. Unlike a lot of other products, it can be hard to tell if your computer has a hardware, software, or operator problem. Not only do we take pride in correctly repairing what’s “broken” but more importantly we try to make sure the computer works well for you and your intended use. Conversely, if the repair of your computer doesn’t make sense financially, we can sell you in a nice used machine, transfer your data and save you money in the long run. Please call or come by to discuss your specific needs.

Most of our repairs start with a diagnosis. All computes undergo an extensive overall assessment, where we check things like: Hard Drive, Screen, Software, battery, ram, processor, motherboard, wifi, etc. Once we have the computer properly diagnosed, we call and walk you through our findings and what options are available for repair/replacement. Once you approve the repair, we start fixing it right away and keep working on it until it is finished. Please call or come by to discuss your specific needs.

Of course! We take your privacy seriously and only turn your computer on for repair or diagnostic purposes. All of our customers computer are stored securely and generally only worked on by one technician. We also have an extensive array of firewalls and take every precaution to maintain a secure workplace. Please call or come by to discuss your specific needs.

Absolutely! Data transfers are one of the most popular services we offer! When you buy a computer from us, we charge a flat rate $99 for the data transfer and set up. If the new computer is purchased somewhere else, the charge will be based on the amount of data and the difficulty. Once data is transferred, we configure everything to ensure the user has an easy setup experience.

We charge $39 for most diagnosis. Custom towers and liquid spill computers vary. Please call or come by to discuss your specific needs.

We have been in Business since 2009.

All repairs are completed at our San Diego location- we never send anything out for repair, nor do we work with any off-site facilities. Please call or come by to discuss your specific needs.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of new computers on sale today that are very poorly constructed, have inadequate configurations, or come with bad software. While these machines are ‘new’ they don’t hold up for long, don’t work for the intended use, and are a generally a waste of money. DC Computers only carries very high-quality “business class” computers that are built well, and will last for years. Please call or come by to discuss your specific needs.

Contrary to popular belief, more ram does not = more speed. Ram is used to run programs. More specifically, ram is used for multitasking, so if you are a big multitasker, ie: 100 tabs open in chrome, YouTube, Spotify, excel, word – all running simultaneously, you may need more ram to keep things running smoothly. 8GB of ram is normally enough for most users, with heavy multitaskers requiring 16GB and professionals needing 32gb+. Call or come by to discuss your specific needs.

With all the different cloud storage options available and the increasing popularity, most people need less computer storage than before. 256GB or 500GB works for most people. Call or come by to discuss your specific needs.

“The cloud” is a term to universally describe an online storage system used to free up space on your local machine, provide a back up in case of computer damage or loss, and to make moving data from your phone, tablet, and other computers more seamless. Depending on which cloud you use, they all work slightly differently. We highly recommend using some sort of cloud service to minimize risk of losing your data. Please call or come by to discuss your specific needs.

We do not sell Google Chromebooks – Most Chromebooks are made very poorly and are not full functioning laptops. Please call or come by to discuss your specific needs.

Yes! We always have a queue of repairs waiting to be worked on, but for an extra fee you can skip the line and have one of our technicians start on your computer right away.

Our only location is located at 1070 University Avenue, San Diego, 92103 – in the HUB shopping center in Hillcrest

Yes we ship computers nationwide every single day. Please call or come by to discuss your specific needs.

We do not offer loaner computers, but we do have a priority service option to minimize down-time while your computer is being repaired. Another option is to purchase a low-priced “backup” computer for those who can’t afford to be away from their computer. Please call or come by to discuss your specific needs.

Yes! DC Computers is proud to offer a 3-month layaway program with only 25% down.
We also work with Acima funding and SNAP Finance. All you need is phone number and a bank account. Call or stop by to discuss your specific needs.

Unfortunately, we do not sell computer parts. As proper diagnosis and installation play a crucial role in computer repair, we only offer full repair services. Please call or come by to discuss your specific needs.

No appointment necessary! Simply stop by during our normal business hours and we can start on your repair right away. We work on first come, first serve basis but pride ourselves on the fastest turn-around time in town. We also offer a priority service options for those that need immediate attention. Please call or come by to discuss your specific needs.

At this time we do not offer any off-site service. All service is completed on-site in our San Diego repair center! Call or come by to discuss your specific needs.

Absolutely! We can take your used computer in on trade in, or make you a cash offer. Our offers are the best in town! Call or come by to discuss your specific needs.

Used computers and monitors may be returned within 14 calendar days from date of purchase. New computers, monitors, iPads, tablets, phones, iPods, adapters, hard drives, keyboards, mice, cases, covers, accessories, cables, chargers, or miscellaneous items are not returnable. Items must be returned to DC Computers within 14 calendar days of purchase. All products must be returned in the same condition they were purchased and all chargers and accessories must be included. DC Computers will assess a 15% restocking fee on all returns within the 14-day period. No returns will be accepted out of the 14-day period.  No other products can be returned. This includes, but is not limited to: hard drives, adapters, RAM, optical drives, cables, chargers, cases, mice, keyboards and any miscellaneous parts not listed. Purchases made with credit card will be refunded to the same card used for purchase. Under no circumstance will a refund or return be granted without the original receipt. Customer MUST bring their receipt in for a refund or return on any kind. All items presented for refund or return must be presented with original receipt at time refund is granted. No exceptions. Customers paying in cash will be mailed a check within 30 days of return.

DC Computers provides a 6 month warranty on all repairs including parts and labor. Repairs: All hardware repairs carry a 6 month parts/labor warranty. DC Computers will replace/repair any defective parts within 6 months of service performed.

Exchanges: Exchanges for computers will be accepted within 7 calendar days from date of purchase. Exchanges are only valid for computers. No other products can be exchanged.

DC Computers warranties all computer sales for 90 days from original date of purchase against any manufacturing defects. Warranty does not cover accidental damage, cosmetic damage, LCD imperfections, software issues, and anything deemed reasonable for a used computer.

Trade-ins: When a computer is traded in it becomes property of DC Computers. DC Computers has no responsibility to save any data that is on the computer when traded in. All data will be erased. ALL TRADE-INS ARE FINAL. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.

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