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Liquid Spill Cleanup Starting at $129

Imagine having just poured yourself a hot coffee, sitting down at your computer to do some work and then… the dreaded coffee spill! All over your keyboard, all over your work and you even forgot to backup your files!

The first thing to do is power off the computer and turn it upside down. The second thing is to bring it to the experts at DC Computers for our famous, affordably priced liquid spill cleanup service!

Laptops with water damage or liquid spills are one of the most common repairs we complete. In fact, we have several of them every day.

Liquid and electronics just don’t mix. When liquid gets inside a computer, it quickly begins to corrode the precious metals inside, stopping the flow of electricity. This causes a wide variety of issues, from blacked-out screens to malfunctioning trackpads. Your computer might even be totally unresponsive.

If this is the case, bring it into DC Computers immediately! Visit us in San Diego and we’ll be happy to take a look and provide you with an estimate. We have all the necessary parts in stock for any PC or Mac repairs.

Our Computer Liquid Damage Repair System

We have a system in place to remedy any issue with your computer caused by liquids. First, we will disassemble the entire computer, thoroughly inspect it and then clean it. Our goal is to clean up all the liquid within to prevent more corrosion and mitigate any existing damage.

Ideally, once all the liquid is cleaned up, your computer will be back to normal and function properly. However, in many instances, the computer will need additional repairs and parts. The liquid spill cleanup service allows us to get the computer back to square one and proceed with your computer repair in San Diego, CA.

Is My Data Safe?

Most of our customers’ number one concern is their data. Is it safe? Is it recoverable? The answer is usually “yes.” We have a very high success rate of recovering data from a liquid-spilled computer.

Once your computer is all cleaned and diagnosed, we will discuss your options with you.

The cost of our liquid spill clean-up service starts at just $129. The goal is always to clean the computer so that it works perfectly with no additional costs, though unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Did you spill water, soda, coffee, tea, wine, or beer on your computer, keyboard, or another electronic device? We’ve been successfully fixing computers in the San Diego area for over 13 years.

Trust Us to Dry Our Your Electronics

Bring your waterlogged device to us ASAP

  • Battery
  • Bridge cable
  • Fan(s)
  • Hard drive
  • Hard drive cable
  • Keyboard
  • Keyboard backlight
  • LCD
  • Logic board/motherboard
  • Magsafe/power board
  • RAM
  • Top case
  • Trackpad
  • Trackpad cable

Contact Us Today to Repair Your Computer

Water damage can be serious, and it’s important to take care of your computer as soon as possible after it’s been damaged. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at DC Computers for an emergency computer repair in San Diego, CA. We provide a wide range of computer and laptop repairs each and every day, so you can rest assured your computer is in the right hands when you choose to work with us. For more information about our computer services or to schedule a computer repair in San Diego, CA, contact us today.


“Last month, my 64-ounce water bottle spilled in my backpack where my computer was stored and had been sitting for two days! I took it to DC computers and, I don’t know how, but they saved my machine!

This crew is amazing! They were able to troubleshoot, diagnose, dry out, and repair my MacBook Pro within two days. I am so grateful to them! In addition, they have the BEST customer service. They kept me in the loop by communicating their findings and I am always treated as a valued customer. I will continue to seek them out for all of my tech needs! Thank you, DC Computers.”

– Lateefah B via Yelp

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