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Gaming PC Builder – Create Your Dream Gaming PC With Us!

We at DC Computers are your trusted partners for custom Gaming PC Builds and workstations. As a Gaming PC Builder, we firmly believe that computers should be enjoyable to buy and own. They should help you rather than hinder you in your task. Whether you need a Custom Gaming PC Builder that is optimized for gamers or something else, we are at your service.

We can help you select the suitable processors, graphics cards, motherboards, and displays to suit your Gaming PC Build. Customize every aspect of your PC Design with us, the Best PC Builder San Diego. DC Computers: where PC Creation meets endless possibilities, allowing you to experience the delight of personalized computing.

Benefit of Building Gaming PC from our experience

The Best Gaming PC is a collection of the most suitable parts. You need to consider several things, research extensively, and find top-quality parts for your Gaming PC. It’s a challenging task!

As an experienced Gaming PC Builder, we can do the groundwork for you, letting you sit back and relax. With years of experience in this field, we have access to the latest technology, can troubleshoot various problems, and give you what you deserve: nothing less than the best.

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What to Expect When Searching for a Gaming PC Builder?

  • Quality: High-quality components are carefully selected for durability and performance to ensure your Personalized Gaming PC lasts.
  • Performance: With a Custom-Built Gaming PC tuned for top performance, you can enjoy seamless multitasking, quick response times, and smooth gameplay.
  • Reliability: Thoroughly tested components work harmoniously to deliver constant performance for gaming and professional workloads.
  • Transparency: Transparency is what sets us apart from other Custom Gaming PC Builder. You can stay informed throughout the customizing process with transparent communication and updates on your PC’s development.
  • Affordability: Premium performance at an affordable price – competitive pricing provides outstanding value for your Custom Gaming PC or workstation.

Choices for Building Your Gaming PC:

1) Build a brand new custom machine from scratch. This option is excellent for those who want to customize their gaming or work experience. Just fill out the form, and we will respond with recommendations, prices, and expected completion dates!
2) Select from our pre-built high-powered Gaming PCs/Workstations in stock. Call or visit our store.
3) You buy it, and we build it. Service starting at $399. Same-day/Rush Service is available.

Talk to our experts!

Ready to build your dream PC? Our expert PC Builders San Diego at DC Computers are here to assist you. Get personalized suggestions for your needs and preferences.

Come visit us today at 1070 University Ave Ste J101 San Diego, CA, or send us a message.

Price: $1399


  • 13th Gen Quad Core i3
  • 32 GB DDR5 Ram
  • 500GB NVMe SSD
  • Dedicated NVIDIA or AMD Graphics
  • Built-in Wifi and Bluetooth
  • Windows 11 Pro
  • 1 Year in Store Warranty
  • Customizations & Upgrades Available

Great For

  • Ultra Fast Home or Office use
  • Day trading/Heavy internet based work
  • Multi Monitor Home/Office set up.
  • Amateur PhotoEditing, Video Editing, or Music Production

Price: $1599


  • 12th Gen Intel Core i5
  • 32GB DDR5 Ram
  • 1TB NVMe SSD
  • 8GB AMD Graphics
  • Built In Wifi 6E and Bluetooth
  • Windows 10/11 Pro
  • 1 Year in Store Warranty
  • Customizations & Upgrades Available

Great For

  • Mid-Level gaming
  • Content Creators and Web Design
  • Moderate Graphic design/CAD
  • Moderate Video Editing
  • Mid-Level Music Production
  • Photo Editing
  • Need/Want to run 4 Monitors

Price: $2099


  • 12th Gen Intel Core i7
  • 32GB DDR5
  • 1TB NVMe SSD
  • 8GB NVIDIA Graphics
  • 2 x Fan Liquid Cooling
  • Built In Wifi 6E and Bluetooth
  • Windows 10/11 Pro
  • 1 Year in Store Warranty
  • Customizations & Upgrades Available

Great For

  • Mid-High Level gaming
  • High-Level Content Creators and Web Design
  • Moderate to High End Graphic design/CAD
  • Mid-High Level Video Editing
  • High-Level Music Production
  • High-End Photo Editing
  • High-End Multi-Monitor Machine

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